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How much longer do we have to wait for Elder Scrolls 6?

If it’s up to them, it’ll be a few years before they tell us details because Starfield is top priority…also what is Starfield?

It was the tweet heard around the world among Elder Scrolls fans…we will not be hearing anything about the Elder Scrolls 6 for a few years. 

Seriously, this was said by Pete Hines AKA The Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing for Bethesda. 

I was stalking around on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch, and could not find anything else about Elder Scrolls 6. I even stalked Bethesda’s Discord and only found discussions among fans of they thought about the games and what they would like to see in the next installment, but it doesn’t appear Bethesda themselves have said anything officially on the subject.

What do we know about Elder Scrolls 6 so far?

What we do know is that Skyrim Grandma on YouTube, AKA Shirley Curry, will be an NPC in The Elder Scrolls 6. Another thing we sort of know is that Bethesda might be using a new game engine to make the next game, but it’s a tough question to answer. From what I gathered, they might not have the technology to create their vision of Elder Scrolls 6, but they might be replacing their current technology bit by bit to achieve it. Admittedly, I’m not tech-savvy enough to explain it clearly. You can read more about that here on which made it easier to understand what it means. Also, it is known that Jeremy Soule hasn’t been contacted to compose the music for Elder Scrolls 6 and he has no involvement with the project so far. As many fans know, Jeremy Soule was the composer for Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and has even helped a little with the music for The Elder Scrolls Online. So fans could be hearing a completely different style of music with the new game. Other than a teaser trailer, we know nothing else and can only wonder what awaits us.

I don’t expect we’ll hear anything more about Elder Scrolls 6 other than that we won’t hear anything for a few years and I expect that Bethesda will keep that promise. When they want to remain silent on something, they become the champion of the silent treatment. 

Now, there are plenty of fans out there with theories on where the next game will take place, and there are some convincing ones. One video that caught my attention and one of the first videos to pop up on YouTube when looking up Elder Scrolls 6 is Camelworks’ video which you can watch here. In this video, he talks about where he thinks the next Elder Scrolls game will take place and provides evidence on his reasons why. However, while we can theorize where the next game will take place, Bethesda is the only one that knows and they aren’t talking…yet.

So, what exactly is taking up Bethesda’s time? 


Wait…what is that?

What is Starfield and why is it taking up so much of Bethesda’s time?

Okay, so what the heck is Starfield?

Don’t worry if you feel a little lost because a lot of us who know about this game are with you. In a nutshell, Starfield is an upcoming space RPG that Bethesda has been working on for years and is considered their top priority right now, and was (maybe still is?) set to release this year. Aside from bits and pieces that Bethesda has said in interviews (not much), social media (again, not much), and a teaser trailer, we really don’t know anything about the game itself.

Is that…it?

Basically, yes. Todd Howard said that is something Bethesda had discussed for a decade and started actively developing it after Fallout 4. It will have that Bethesda charm to it, but it’s going to be different than anything they’ve done. Which is good since Bethesda doesn’t have an RPG set in space, so it’ll be interesting to see their take on it. From what I’ve seen, this was something that they really wanted to make happen and it seems like they are.

Yet, given the little bit of information we know about Starfield, it’s almost a little frustrating that Bethesda hasn’t said anything else about it and that it’s taking up their time instead of making Elder Scrolls 6, a game from a beloved series that has a passionate fanbase. Unfortunately, Bethesda didn’t plan on hosting a digital showcase for E3 before it was cancelled which I imagine frustrated fans even more since this means we don’t know when we’ll hear more about Starfield until Bethesda decides it’s ready to release information. Much like Elder Scrolls 6, we are left in the dark and can only wonder what awaits us.

At this point, all we can do is hope that Starfield is worth the hype that Bethesda has put around it and that it will be the start of something great and new. Otherwise, they could potentially be looking at another Fallout 76 start off fiasco. While the gameplay has improved, anyone who knows about Fallout 76 knows that it was a huge disappointment when it was released. 

We’re going to be waiting a while, but you can enjoy Skyrim in a different way in the meantime!

Seeing as how Bethesda is keeping mum about Elder Scrolls 6, we shouldn’t expect any more details about it for a long time. For now, fans of the series continue to post about Skyrim even though it’s been out since 2011, which speaks volumes for how great the game is. Plus there’s always new mods being released to make it more fun! Then, there’s Elder Scrolls Online, which despite the numerous complaints about lagging, broken mechanics in trials and dungeons, random blue screens in Cyrodiil, etc. is still going strong on all platforms and released the Greymoor chapter on May 26th for PC and will be released on June 9th for Xbox One and Playstation 4. The Greymoor chapter will actually be taking players back to Skyrim only this time during the Second Era and will be taking Skyrim fans back to familiar places like Solitude and Blackreach. I almost feel like this is continuing the meme that Skyrim is being re-released yet again, only it’s not, but it kind of feels like it is. Did anyone else think this? Especially since Zenimax Online Studios is only releasing a part of Skyrim and there’s still other areas like Markarth, Whiterun, Winterhold, and Dawnstar that haven’t made an appearance in ESO. This would mean Skyrim is getting re-released this year…only it’s set in the Second Era.


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