Are Blue Light Glasses Worth Buying?

Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of people are working from home. Looking at the computer screen is inevitable and looking at it for long periods of time can exhaust a person. The strain on the eyes is going to happen and people want to find a way to prevent that.

Enter blue light glasses.

Blue light glasses are glasses that have a tint to them that is supposed to filter out the blue light that a computer screen emits to help prevent eye strain. There is no official study to prove that blue light glasses actually help prevent this and if they work. These are glasses that are tinted to help diminish the blue light that supposedly emits from the computer screen. It’s supposed to help ease eye strain, help with sleeping, and reduce the risk of macular degeneration. They have mixed reviews from anyone that’s tried them so it’s tough finding a pair that’s trustworthy. So the questions remains:

Are blue light glasses worth buying?

During the middle of the pandemic last year, I was furloughed and in quarantine. I decided to go back to school and attend online classes during this time to get my bachelor’s degree. Shortly after this, I accepted a position as an office aide at an elementary school. Then I accepted a position as a writer for Game Rant. My eyes are practically glued to the computer screen now. If I’m not working for Game Rant or the school, my eyes are still glued to the screen because of schoolwork. My eyes have very little time not looking at a screen when I’m awake.

This meant I was (and still am) spending a lot of time looking at a computer screen. My eyes were fine at first. Then as time went on, I could feel the strain on my eyes from looking at the screen for long periods of time. One other thing that alarmed me was some slight dizziness I would feel from time to time. I would lie down to go to sleep and my head would get slightly dizzy from doing so. Now, I know it couldn’t have been from dehydration because I drink a lot of water throughout the day. Not eating enough was out the window too because I ALWAYS make sure I eat.

The only time I felt like this was usually after long day of working and doing my schoolwork. I figured my time looking at the screen was the cause of it and that’s when I started on my journey to see what I could to help with the eye strain and prevent it.

My search led to me blue light glasses. I looked up and down on the internet for weeks, reading reviews and doctors thoughts on them. After about three weeks of looking up information on them, I decided it was something I would risk buying and try it out for myself.

Where to buy them?

Like many people, I decided to go on Amazon to find me a pair. Naturally, there are lot of options to choose from, but I look through the 1–3 star reviews and decide from there.

The one thing I noticed through most of the 1 star reviews was that people were claiming that it was just plastic for the lenses and that they spent on fake glasses. This kind of put me on the edge of buying from Amazon because I wanted to make sure I get my money’s worth. Thus I began looking on the internet again to find out what websites I should buy blue light glasses from. There were a lot of websites that popped up with recommendations with a lot of the same brands popping up on their lists.

After another week of looking through the brands, I decided to with Eye Buy Direct. Their website was pretty simple and easy to navigate along with the buying options. They have a really price range from $6 to $199 for frames so there’s something something for every budget then pay for the lenses. For the lenses, they have a lot of options and unfortunately I don’t know the price range for the other options besides blue light. For the blue light options, Eye Buy Direct has four options ranging from $19 to $59 and they give an explanation on the differences between them. I choose to with the $19 option and see how that would work for me. My frames cost $9 and I bought a small case ($3.50) for them so I paid about $31 overall because of tax and shipping and handling. If there is a free shipping and handling amount, I don’t know it and didn’t mind paying for it. I knew I wouldn’t have to worry (much) about the glasses being fake at least whereas with Amazon, there was a higher risk of that.

It took about a week to a week and a half for my order to come in. Everything was safe and in one piece. Experience with Eye Buy Direct was overall pleasant and I had no problems.

Me wearing my glass from eyebuydirect.com (this is NOT a sponsored post!)

Now about the glasses…

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptic of these glasses, but I was willing to try wearing blue light glasses to help with my eye strain and slight dizziness if it meant not going to the doctor.

Looking at the glasses, the lenses don’t look like anything special at first glance. To be rather blunt, they look like just regular plastic shaped like lenses and fitted into the frames I ordered. Putting them on, I didn’t notice a difference either. It seemed like everything was the same. It wasn’t until I looked at my laptop screen that I noticed the difference. Now, it wasn’t a huge difference, but I saw that my screen wasn’t as bright as it was before. Upon closer inspection, I noticed there was a yellowish-tint to the glasses. It’s really noticeable when I go outside during the day and I take them off.

I started wearing these whenever I was working on my laptop. So that’s about a good 8–14 hours a day looking at a computer screen. After about two weeks of wearing these, I did notice that my eyes weren’t feeling as strained as they normally would. The dizziness I would feel when I lie down went away too.

Now, if you’re thinking I’m writing this after two weeks of wearing these glasses. I’m not. It’s been months since I’ve had them and I will admit that I’m wearing my glasses everyday.

Screenshot of when I purchased the glasses. Took about a week and a half to come in.

Final Thoughts

My experience with blue light glasses has been positive overall. My eyes don’t hurt like they used to and I don’t get dizzy either. The one thing I noticed that hasn’t changed is my sleeping pattern. Apparently there are some claims that it’s supposed to help people sleep better at night. Because most people (myself included) look at their phones right before they go to sleep, there are some claims that the blue light from devices (i.e. phones and tablets) reduce melatonin levels. Personally, my sleep pattern is more or less the same as it was before I got the glasses. But overall, worth buying.

If you plan on buying blue light glasses, check reviews. Admittedly, after looking at reviews on Amazon, I decided I would buy my glasses from a glasses website. My search led me to Eye Buy Direct and I will have to say it was worth it. Yes, it would’ve been a lot cheaper to buy from Amazon, but I was afraid of buying blue light glasses and ending up with clear plastic shaped like lenses. Read reviews and determine if it’s worth the risk from sites like Amazon.

Of course, there’s the obvious solution of helping with eye strain looking at a screen: which is to lessen it. But some people make a living looking at a screen and it can’t be helped. It could be a placebo effect, but I feel like after months of wearing the glasses that my eye strain has lessened and the dizziness I felt is gone.

What are your thoughts about blue light glasses? Do you plan on trying them out?



Holo Taco Review

I wore it for a month on my toenails and even tried it on my fingernails. How did it hold up?

Hello everyone! Today’s beauty blog is all about Holo Taco by YouTuber, SimplyNailogical. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while and I will have to say, her videos and podcasts have made this quarantine bearable. One day, while watching her video for her rainbow collection, I decided I was going to check out the Holo Taco website and see what they have. While looking around, I ended up purchasing a few nail polishes from there and decided to try them out and see how they hold up against my clumsiness with my feet and hands. Yes, I’m very clumsy. There’s not a week that goes by where my poor pinky toes don’t hit something hard, usually the corner of the bed frame, fireplace, or the closet door when I’m opening or closing it. More or less the same for my hands, they usually end up hitting something very hard and my fingernails are usually the ones that pay for it. It’s not my fault the wall or door knobs like to jump out and attack my hands! 

Okay, back to why I decided to try this brand out! One, SimplyNailogical is one of my favorite YouTubers. Two, the nail polishes are pretty and sparkly, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s sparkly things. Three, this brand is little pricier than most drugstore brands so I decided to see how they are against them and if it’s worth buying. I decided I would polish my toenails with Midnight Spark and leave it on for a whole month and see how it looks at the end of it. 

Now, for full disclosure, I did not get any of Holo Taco’s top coats because at the time of my first purchase, they were sold out so I ended up buying Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Top Coat from Walgreens. At the time of my second purchase, their Glossy Taco top coat was back in stock, but I didn’t want to buy it since I want to finish using the top coat I already have and not waste money. So please keep this in mind if you read my review.

Also, this is not a sponsored post. I’m not getting paid by Holo Taco for this. I’m just a nerd wanting to write and a fan of Simplynailogical.

Let’s spill some tea!

Day 1 on fingernails and Day 14 of toenails

Day 1 on left hand: One Coat Black with Aurora Unicorn Skin on ring finger and Purple Slushie on other fingers
Day 1 on right hand: Purple Slushie
Day 14 of left foot: Midnight Spark

Nail polish is on my fingernails and looks pretty good considering it’s been a while since I’ve had nail polish on my nails. It was my turn to wash dishes and thankfully there weren’t too many, but I was afraid that it would chip off especially since I had to use the metal scouring pad for some heavy scrubbing. Also, I’m wearing the color Purple Slushie on all my fingernails except my left ring finger which has One Coat Black with Aurora Unicorn Skin on top.

Day 2

Two days since the polish has been on and it still looks good. I cleaned the bathroom and it’s still holding strong. Toenails are still looking good too.

Day 3

One small chip on my index finger on my right hand. Nothing more.

Day 4

Two of my fingers are now chipped, middle finger and index finger. Not too surprised since they seem to be the first ones to chip when I usually wear nail polish.

Day 5

Okay, middle finger and index finger on the right hand chipped more and now the corner of my thumb has chipped. Toenails are still good and my pinky toe on my left foot is holding strong considering I accidentally hit it on the corner of my bed frame so I’m impressed. One Coat Black and Aurora Unicorn Skin are still going strong on my left ring finger though I wonder how this combo would hold up on my right since it’s my dominant hand. I might take the polish off and try one of the chunky glitter polishes like Party Punch or Play Rosé. 

Day 7

Switched to Play Rosé on Day 7

Some chipping on my ring finger on my left hand and on my right pinky, along with more chipping on my index fingers. I took these off and put on Play Rosé to see how it holds up against my everyday life. Unfortunately, because I forgot, I don’t have a picture of what my nails looked like before I took the polish off.

Day 13

So far so good! I think a small piece chipped off my middle finger on my left hand, but it’s barely noticeable. Toenails are still going strong, but it’s obvious some growth is going on.

Day 15

Okay, a chunk of the polish chipped off yesterday while I was washing my hair, but it was only on the tip of my index finger. Other than that, it seems my nails are still looking pretty snazzy considering I clean the bathrooms every three days, wash dishes and wash my hair every other day. Plus, this review has made me realize that my hands hit a lot of things throughout a single day. Yesterday alone, my hands hit the side of my desk, a wall, doorknob, and the handle to my car. This whole thing has made me realize just how clumsy I really am.

Day 17 for fingernails and Day 30 for toenails

Day 30 for toenails
10 days after switching polishes on my left hand
10 days after switching nail polish colors on my right hand

Well, it’s been a long time coming! Day 30 for my toenails is finally here! 

As you can see, the polish held up very well against me, my clumsiness, and life on my left hand. My right hand is not too surprising, but considering all the things that my poor hand goes through on a weekly basis, this is actually not that bad! I think if I had put a top coat on, this would still be smooth and have very little chipping.

Now that the tea is spilt…

Is Holo Taco worth it? Well, I definitely say it’s worth buying if you’re looking for a brand that can deliver its promise of lasting long with great color and glitter payout. Now, I know this review is mostly about the thick holo glitter polish, but for the short time that One Coat Black with Aurora Unicorn Skin was on, it held up very well against me and my clumsiness. I’ve been using other polishes along with using the different variety of toppers Holo Taco has like the Gold Flakie Holo Taco and Solar Unicorn Skin together on One Coat Black and they hold up very well on my fingernails. Even on my toenails One Coat Black is holding up after a rather hard collision my pinky toe did against the fireplace. Surprise surprise, no chipping happened!

So that concludes my review for Holo Taco! Have you tried Holo Taco? What are your thoughts on it? Will you try it if you haven’t yet? Leave a comment!

P.S. From the nail polishes named after her cats, I’m more of a Zyler the Cat fan. I love the Menchie the Cat polish, but Zyler the Cat is just more me. Team Zyler!

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July Beauty Favorites

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while, but I haven’t been slacking off. Last month was crazy trying out new things and a small COVID-19 scare, but thank goodness I came out negative. Last month, I decided to treat myself to some nail polish and polish my toenails since I haven’t given myself a pedicure in a while. Plus, my toenails have been needing some love since they’ve been naked for a few months and deserve it.

WRITER’S NOTE: The following brands are not sponsoring me for this post and I have no affiliation with them. I honestly just love these products.

Holo Taco Nail Polish in Play Rosé

Starting off the list is a nail polish that is from one of my favorite YouTubers, SimplyNailogical’s Holo Taco brand. While I was locked in my room during my COVID  scare, I managed to paint my toenails when I was feeling okay. One coat of this nail polish is pretty impressive that I almost didn’t put on a second coat of this, but I did. It’s a very opaque color and the holo glitter is really nice and pretty especially when shining in the sun. The color itself is pretty subtle, but that holo glitter gives it a nice touch that makes it stand out without being too in your face. I wore this color for about two and a half weeks and there was absolutely no chipping. Taking this polish off was a bit of a pain, but that is a common thing for glitter nail polish. If you’re looking for a nice rose gold color with glitter, this one is worth checking out!

Holo Taco Smoothing Base

While I was stalking around Holo Taco’s website, I was looking for a base coat since I had thrown away my old one. My toenails do get ridges in them and it’s very tedious trying to buff and smooth them, especially my pinky toenails. So after reading this one’s description, I figured I would give it a try to see if it stands up against my ridged toenails. I have to say I’m very surprised! I’ve never used a ridge filler base coat, but I was skeptical because my baby toenails have ridges FOR DAYS! Low and behold, my toenails are smooth to the touch (once it dried!) and my nail polish went on very smoothly. This base coat will give your nails a milky finish, so it’s not very opaque unless you just glob it on. Overall, this base coat goes on easily, dries very quickly, and stays on for a long time by itself. Worth looking into if you’re in the market for a ridge filling base coat.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

I bought this top coat when I got my first order of Holo Taco in and I didn’t buy the top coat from them because they were sold out at the time. So during my weekly trip to Walgreens, I decided to stalk around the beauty aisle and see if any of the top coats would catch the attention of my beady, little eyes. There are plenty of brands to choose from and I think I spent a good twenty-something minutes looking at a variety of brands for a top coat. I ended up settling on this one. It was on the pricier side compared to most brands, but thank you Walgreens member points for helping reduce the cost! This top coat did a pretty good job on making the polish on my toenails look shiny and smooth, plus it dried pretty quickly considering it looks like it’s on the thicker side. 

Korres Meno-Reverse™ Volumizing Serum-In Moisturizer

I got this product as a sample from an online purchase I made on Sephora’s website and tried it out this past month as a day time cream when I wasn’t using my Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer. This sample lasted me a while since a little goes a long way. If you have normal-dry or dry skin, this moisturizer is worth checking out. Now, I know I’m NOT in the target group that this moisturizer is made for. I can only say that this product keeps the skin very hydrated, soft, and smooth. If you’re looking for a moisturizer that helps with aging, this one does have ingredients that are supposed to help with that. I would read the reviews first and make a gut decision based on that. If you’re looking to prevent aging, then moisturizer might be worth looking into!

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

My love for Laneige runs deep and I don’t think I’ll ever resurface. My love for the Lip Sleeping Mask is still going strong and now it’s time for me to say how much I love the Water Sleeping Mask, which is for the face. I’ve been using this mask for about 2-3 years and I cannot imagine my life without it! Got dry patches? Put this on those patches. Need to give your skin some extra hydration at night? Put this on. Drool in your sleep and wake up with dry, crusty corners on your mouth? PUT. THIS. ON. After doing my night time skin care routine, I put this mask on about 2-3 times a week, depending on the weather and my skin condition. During the summer, my skin is normal-dry so I’ll end up using this as a spot treatment for the corners of my mouth and nose, the two driest areas on my face because of my drooling problem when I sleep and allergies (for my nose). Sometimes I’ll put this all over my face if I feel like I need it or to treat my skin. It’s safe to put on everyday, but you don’t need to unless you want to. In the winter, I’ll put this one about 3-4 times a week since it doesn’t get that cold where I live (Texas). You don’t need to put on too much. A light layer goes a long way and you put it on after moisturizer. Pairing this up with my Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream has helped my skin a lot. The corners of my nose feel better and soothed and the corners of my mouth are well hydrated! A full size of this can last a long time and it usually comes in packs with other Laneige items. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in need of an overnight mask!

Equate Beauty Rose Quartz Roller

Yes, you’ve seen these everywhere and if you’re wondering if it’s worth buying…then my answer is yes. My eyes are usually a little puffy when I wake up especially during the summer because of my allergies so I was looking for something to help depuff them some days. While at Walmart, I saw this little beauty and figured why not? This has been a game changer in my skin care routine. When I use it in the morning, it helps a lot with depuffing my eyes and my face and at night, I use it to put my serum and essence on and I don’t have to worry about them absorbing into my hand, plus it’s a nice little massage treatment. Sometimes I put it in the fridge overnight and it’s a nice cooling treatment for my morning routine. Simple to use, easy to use, and plenty of stores have them so they’re easy to find. A nice little tool to give yourself a mini treat yo self. 

Final Thoughts…

At the moment, I am trying out a different color from the Holo Taco brand on my toenails and I’m going to see how it looks after a month and see if it holds up or if there’s any chipping. I will also try out the brand’s nail polish on my fingernails and see how it holds against me hand washing my dishes, showers, and other everyday general life tasks. The price for Holo Taco is a little pricey compared to most drugstore brands ($11-14), but it is good quality and worth the splurge if you’re looking for glittery nail polish. I might do a more in-depth review of Holo Taco at some point, but after some testing. 

Have you tried any of these products? What were your beauty favorites throughout July? Let me know in the comments!


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Is it worth it? Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer review

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since my last beauty product review, but I’m back with another one!

So, for the past month and half, I admit that I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to my morning skin care routine. It’s a process that I usually don’t mind, but my anxiety has been through the roof for a variety of reasons. Admittedly, there also might even be a small dose of depression mixed in with it. My skin care routines, day and night, took a big hit and my skin started suffering from it. Thankfully, I was equipped with what I think could be a game-changer for those with normal-dry skin.

Okay, so a little history on my skin care routine when I get anxious. When my anxiety hits, I tend to forget to take care of myself and become plain neglectful with my mind racing a million miles a minute. Unfortunately, my skin is the one that suffers the most from it. I go days without properly washing and moisturizing my face, forget to put lotion on my body, and there are some days where I don’t do any of this, AT ALL. Trust me, a small voice is in the back of my mind  yelling at me to take care of myself when I’m like this, but I tend to ignore it. After I managed to get myself out of this funk, I go back to my normal morning skin care routine and my skin is back to looking healthy. Alright, enough about me, let’s move onto the product review! 

Photo by me

I got the Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer from a little holiday pack that my mom had given to me for Christmas and it’s been sitting on my skin care shelf since then, unopened and waiting for it’s time to shine. While I was in my funk, I felt and saw some dry patches around the corners of my nose and mouth, and my skin looked dull. While I was at war with myself, my beady, little eyes started scouting for something on my shelf to help me with the problem. In reality, I was looking for a quick fix before my mind wandered elsewhere and I would forget. My eyes landed on this little product and I read the back of the bottle to see if it is what it claims to be. I was intrigued after reading it and thought, “Surely, it can’t work that well.” A toner and a moisturizer in one product? Can this little bottle really be as good as both?

Well, I personally have to say yes. I put this product in my hands and patted it on my face like instructed, and I have to say, my face looked a lot better! My dry patches were now hydrated and didn’t feel dry and rough like they normally do. Overall, my face was glowing. The product didn’t feel heavy on my skin nor was it sticky. I was shook! It left my skin looking dewy, though some might think greasy or oily. However, I felt like it gave my skin the glass skin look that is popular in Japan and South Korea. 

Before: no cleansing or anything | After: using the Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer only. Sorry for the poor lighting, but it’s the best I can do with my phone and no filter was used for these photos. 

Alright, let’s move onto the ingredients and how they benefit the skin.

Screenshot from sephora.com

Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam)

This ingredient helps soften and hydrate the skin. It’s a very popular ingredient that’s used for both skin and hair products since it kind of provides a moisture barrier that helps keep the skin’s natural moisture sealed in and prevent environmental damage. 

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract AKA Green Tea Leaf Extract

Has antioxidants that help improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and has anti-aging properties. It can also help with moisture and even out skin tone. It can also help reduce sebum production and has antibacterial properties which can help treat oily and/or acne-prone skin.

This product is marketed towards normal-dry skin and I think it helps, but it’s not the most moisturizing product. If you have very dry skin, this might not work for you and you might need something a little thicker. My dry patches were hydrated and didn’t get flaky, but the redness was still there and once I washed my face, they would tighten up and go back to being very dry. However, if you don’t have this problem, this might be good if you need something quick and on-the-go. Laneige has some kits with a small bottle of this in them so it’s worth trying out without worrying about spending a lot on one item that might not work out for you. 

Have you tried this product yet? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let me know.


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Finding Love in a Video Game

Some advice that helped me that might help you.

Online dating has become a norm the past few years and with the quarantine, more people are connecting online even more. Some have found love through dating websites and even in video games.

I started playing Elder Scrolls Online about three years ago, shortly after the Morrowind chapter came out. I didn’t plan on meeting new people since I was playing the game for the storyline, not to connect with anyone. Next thing I knew, I made a few friends and joined their little guild, but I left after being with them for a little less than a year. Thanks to another friend, I joined another guild that was a lot different than the last one. There was no drama and no worrying about hurting others feelings. 

This is where I met my boyfriend. He was the guildmaster at the time and welcomed me into the guild with open arms. We played Elder Scrolls Online just about every night after that and we became very good friends. I would send him messages from time to time, reminding him to eat some food, drink some water, get some sleep, or send pictures of his dogs while I was at work. Guild chats weren’t just about things going on in the game, but also what’s going on in real life and letting each other vent. I began to grow feelings for him, but I kept them to myself and made sure he wouldn’t be able to tell. Plus, he lives in Colorado and I live in Texas. I didn’t know his views on long-distance relationships and figured it was something he wasn’t into. This went on for about two years then before New Year’s Eve last year, he sent me a message saying he liked me as more than a friend. On New Year’s Eve, I told him I felt the same way and we became official in January. 

Everything was (and still is) going good in our relationship despite a few issues with some now former guildies. We had planned on meeting each other late March to early April while he was visiting some family in Louisiana, but the higher power had different plans for us. The COVID-19 pandemic struck, and he went back to Colorado to be closer to his parents should something happen. Both of us were bummed that our meeting in person would be postponed, but knew it was best to wait it out until it was safer to travel. 

Last week, we were able to see each other and it was amazing. There were no awkward moments and the nervousness we both felt went away the moment we saw each other. All the months of wishing we could be together, it finally became a reality. Sure, it was only for a few days, but it has made us think more about what we want for the future. 

Okay, enough about me and my relationship. Where is the advice that I said would help? Well, I’m not a relationship expert, and I’m fully aware that my boyfriend and I have only been together for a few months. BUT! I asked a few players that I know that met their partners in a video game. Some are now married, some are still dating long distance, and others have moved in together. 

Here’s what I’ve learned and what they had to say…

Don’t go into an MMORPG thinking you’ll meet someone.

This is probably the most obvious piece of advice, but some will start playing an MMORPG to find The One. From what I learned from other successful couples, they started off as online friends who met through mutual friends or from being in the same guild. They would DM each other through apps,exchange numbers, and their relationship gradually moved onto something more. Most, if not all, couples that met in a video game didn’t think they would meet someone. My boyfriend and I have known each other for almost three years and didn’t become a couple until the beginning of the year. It’s like meeting and knowing someone in real life, take things slowly then become comfortable with each other before taking the next big step.

Long distance SUCKS! But a great team can make it through everything.

There’s a strong chance that two players who meet in a video game are living in different states.. To say that it sucks being so far from my boyfriend is an understatement. I wish we could see each other everyday or even every weekend would be nice, but unfortunately, we can’t. However, we both knew what we were getting into when we started our relationship and we continue to make it work. It takes two to make a relationship work and if both people are putting in the same amount of effort into it, it’ll thrive.

Telling family is awkward, but there is a small trick that might help.

If you’re like me and too chicken to tell family right off the bat that you’re in a relationship with someone you met on a video game (or even online!), there is a way to sort of introduce them. An acquaintance of mine, who met her husband in a video game, told me to start mentioning my boyfriend around my family (by his real name of course!). She said to start mentioning him more and more around them until I’m comfortable to tell them the truth and that advice did help me a lot. By the time I told my mom, she was familiar with my boyfriend and had an idea of who he is. With her knowing who he is, telling my dad was nerve wracking, but it wasn’t bad.

Video chat with each other as much as possible.

With all the apps we have today, it’s a lot easier to see someone without them being physically there. Video chatting is great because you’ll be able to see your partner’s face and see their reactions instead of having to wonder how they really react to certain things. It also helps with getting rid of the awkwardness once you and your partner finally meet in person.

Make time to be alone together.

The relationship started online, so make some time to be alone together. Yes, hanging out with guildies/friends is fun, but having some private time is just as fun. Some nights, my boyfriend and I want a movie night instead of playing video games, so we’ll watch a movie on Netflix. While it sucks that we can’t physically sit next to each other, it does have a certain intimacy that almost feels like we are.

Like a relationship in person, maintaining one online is just as much work. It’s tough not being able to see each other in person, but having similar goals and mindsets help make it a lot easier. Love can be found in the most unexpected place. Finding someone you connect with in a video game is just as good as finding love in person. Gaming does have a bad stigma for causing violent behavior, social disorders, or catfishing. However, there are just as many positive stories out there we don’t hear about. 


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Is it worth it? Burt’s Bees Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Cleansing is a very important part of a skin care routine. There’s nothing better than washing your face to get rid of the sleepiness when waking up or washing it after a long day at work. 

I don’t have sensitive skin, but after a Nair facial hair removal cream incident, my skin, in particular my cheeks, were not happy! I think the skin heavens were frowning on me for trying a “painless” way of trying to remove my facial hair and punished me by giving me a red spot that took forever to go away and a dark spot that’s still hanging around. I ran out of my cleanser around that time and was in the market for a new one to help me with my new problem. Now, the red spot wasn’t burning or bothering me, but it was noticeable and looked like I burned myself. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money at Sephora or on other department store brands because I didn’t have much on me at the time. Thankfully, my favorite corner store, Walgreens, was there to rescue me!

I used every little bit I could. Price is between $7.99-$9.99

Now, I’ve known about Burt’s Bees since I was a teen and loved their acne care products, but some of the products are a little on the expensive side for drugstore prices so I wasn’t able to use it often. It was my splurge brand during those days. It had been a while since I used any of their products, but I noticed their items while walking around the skin care aisle. I don’t remember seeing as many products as they have now, but I was happy to see that they had a sensitive skin care line which is what I was looking for. In particular, I was looking at the cleanser. I admit, I’m a little picky on what I use on my face and I blame/thank attending esthetician school for that. My personal rule for me when buying skin care is if I know at LEAST three ingredients and their benefits, then I’ll buy or consider buying it if it’s within my budget. Since my skin was in a bit of delicate state, I wanted to make sure I was familiar with some of the ingredients and that they would help.

Alright! Let’s move onto listing some of the ingredients and their benefits for the skin.

Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil AKA Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a well-known ingredient in the skin care world that is great for helping soothe red, sensitive, acne-prone, and/or irritated skin. It’s very rich in vitamin E which is known for its moisturizing properties and an antioxidant which helps protect the skin from UV rays. It also has linoleic acid, AKA omega-6 fatty acid, which helps decrease inflammation and helps the development of new skin cells.

Cocos Nucifera Oil AKA Coconut Oil

One ingredient that a lot of skin care enthusiasts are very familiar with. A very versatile and inexpensive ingredient that can be used for a lot of things. It has all the benefits that sunflower oil has, but it can also be used as a treatment for hair as a hair mask, help with frizz, breath freshener, and many other things. When used by itself, it can be very moisturizing though it is up for debate if it actually moisturizes the skin or just traps moisture in the skin. On a personal note, I know my aunt used this for her skin to help ease her psoriasis and it helped for a while, but eventually it stopped working for her. I’ve also used this as a hair mask, and while it did help a little with my hair, all it did was make my bathtub very slick.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice AKA Aloe Vera

Like coconut oil, aloe is another popular ingredient known by a lot of skin care enthusiasts. It helps with soothing redness on the skin, gives a cooling effect, and gives a moisturizing effect. It contains a lot of vitamins like A, B1, B2, B12, C, and others that protect the skin from free radicals. Very versatile to use in the beauty world as it can be used for hair, face, and body. 

Quillaja Saponaria Bark Extract AKA Soapbark

A natural foaming agent that has water-attaching elements and is used in some skin, hair, and body products. 

Oryza Sativa Extract AKA Rice Extract

An ingredient that helps with softening the skin and is very rich in enzymes which helps remove dead skin cells so that new and healthy skin can come to the surface. It also helps brighten skin. This is also one of the main ingredients in Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant which has this and rice starch and is one of their best-selling exfoliants.

Gossypium Herbaceum Flower Extract AKA Cotton Extract

If you’re thinking that just because it’s cotton extract, it’s going to make your skin soft…well you’re right. It contains vitamin E which helps with keeping the skin hydrated and fatty acids that protect the outer layer of the skin and reduce the appearance of redness. This ingredient helps with sealing in the moisture and keeping irritants away.

On paper, this cleanser sounds like it would be a great choice for those with sensitive skin, but does it actually help?

I can’t say if it’s the holy grail for those looking for a cleanser to help with redness, dryness, and sensitivity, but I think it is worth checking out if you’re in the market for a cleanser to help with those conditions. It has nice creamy consistency that doesn’t feel too thick so it can be good for those with normal-dry and dry skin. After washing my face, I didn’t feel any stinging or tightening like I usually feel with most cleansers so that’s a plus in itself! After toning and moisturizing, my skin was very hydrated throughout the day and I didn’t see any dry spots on the corners of my nose and chin, which tend to flake after a while. 

Now, did it help with the red spot that appeared after my Nair facial hair removal fail?

Yes, it did! Now, it didn’t go away overnight or within a week. It did take about two weeks of using this and also using Burt’s Bees Sensitive Night Cream for the spot to fade and about a month into it, the spot was gone. This bottle lasted about two months for me, so it will last a while for anyone wanting to give this a try. It was definitely worth the money and I was very happy with the results I got. My skin recovered from the trauma and my skin is back to being the way it was before. 

I hope this review helps! If you’ve tried this cleanser, what are your thoughts? Let me know what you think!


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How much longer do we have to wait for Elder Scrolls 6?

If it’s up to them, it’ll be a few years before they tell us details because Starfield is top priority…also what is Starfield?

It was the tweet heard around the world among Elder Scrolls fans…we will not be hearing anything about the Elder Scrolls 6 for a few years. 

Seriously, this was said by Pete Hines AKA The Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing for Bethesda. 

I was stalking around on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch, and could not find anything else about Elder Scrolls 6. I even stalked Bethesda’s Discord and only found discussions among fans of they thought about the games and what they would like to see in the next installment, but it doesn’t appear Bethesda themselves have said anything officially on the subject.

What do we know about Elder Scrolls 6 so far?

What we do know is that Skyrim Grandma on YouTube, AKA Shirley Curry, will be an NPC in The Elder Scrolls 6. Another thing we sort of know is that Bethesda might be using a new game engine to make the next game, but it’s a tough question to answer. From what I gathered, they might not have the technology to create their vision of Elder Scrolls 6, but they might be replacing their current technology bit by bit to achieve it. Admittedly, I’m not tech-savvy enough to explain it clearly. You can read more about that here on GamesRadar.com which made it easier to understand what it means. Also, it is known that Jeremy Soule hasn’t been contacted to compose the music for Elder Scrolls 6 and he has no involvement with the project so far. As many fans know, Jeremy Soule was the composer for Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and has even helped a little with the music for The Elder Scrolls Online. So fans could be hearing a completely different style of music with the new game. Other than a teaser trailer, we know nothing else and can only wonder what awaits us.

I don’t expect we’ll hear anything more about Elder Scrolls 6 other than that we won’t hear anything for a few years and I expect that Bethesda will keep that promise. When they want to remain silent on something, they become the champion of the silent treatment. 

Now, there are plenty of fans out there with theories on where the next game will take place, and there are some convincing ones. One video that caught my attention and one of the first videos to pop up on YouTube when looking up Elder Scrolls 6 is Camelworks’ video which you can watch here. In this video, he talks about where he thinks the next Elder Scrolls game will take place and provides evidence on his reasons why. However, while we can theorize where the next game will take place, Bethesda is the only one that knows and they aren’t talking…yet.

So, what exactly is taking up Bethesda’s time? 


Wait…what is that?

What is Starfield and why is it taking up so much of Bethesda’s time?

Okay, so what the heck is Starfield?

Don’t worry if you feel a little lost because a lot of us who know about this game are with you. In a nutshell, Starfield is an upcoming space RPG that Bethesda has been working on for years and is considered their top priority right now, and was (maybe still is?) set to release this year. Aside from bits and pieces that Bethesda has said in interviews (not much), social media (again, not much), and a teaser trailer, we really don’t know anything about the game itself.

Is that…it?

Basically, yes. Todd Howard said that is something Bethesda had discussed for a decade and started actively developing it after Fallout 4. It will have that Bethesda charm to it, but it’s going to be different than anything they’ve done. Which is good since Bethesda doesn’t have an RPG set in space, so it’ll be interesting to see their take on it. From what I’ve seen, this was something that they really wanted to make happen and it seems like they are.

Yet, given the little bit of information we know about Starfield, it’s almost a little frustrating that Bethesda hasn’t said anything else about it and that it’s taking up their time instead of making Elder Scrolls 6, a game from a beloved series that has a passionate fanbase. Unfortunately, Bethesda didn’t plan on hosting a digital showcase for E3 before it was cancelled which I imagine frustrated fans even more since this means we don’t know when we’ll hear more about Starfield until Bethesda decides it’s ready to release information. Much like Elder Scrolls 6, we are left in the dark and can only wonder what awaits us.

At this point, all we can do is hope that Starfield is worth the hype that Bethesda has put around it and that it will be the start of something great and new. Otherwise, they could potentially be looking at another Fallout 76 start off fiasco. While the gameplay has improved, anyone who knows about Fallout 76 knows that it was a huge disappointment when it was released. 

We’re going to be waiting a while, but you can enjoy Skyrim in a different way in the meantime!

Seeing as how Bethesda is keeping mum about Elder Scrolls 6, we shouldn’t expect any more details about it for a long time. For now, fans of the series continue to post about Skyrim even though it’s been out since 2011, which speaks volumes for how great the game is. Plus there’s always new mods being released to make it more fun! Then, there’s Elder Scrolls Online, which despite the numerous complaints about lagging, broken mechanics in trials and dungeons, random blue screens in Cyrodiil, etc. is still going strong on all platforms and released the Greymoor chapter on May 26th for PC and will be released on June 9th for Xbox One and Playstation 4. The Greymoor chapter will actually be taking players back to Skyrim only this time during the Second Era and will be taking Skyrim fans back to familiar places like Solitude and Blackreach. I almost feel like this is continuing the meme that Skyrim is being re-released yet again, only it’s not, but it kind of feels like it is. Did anyone else think this? Especially since Zenimax Online Studios is only releasing a part of Skyrim and there’s still other areas like Markarth, Whiterun, Winterhold, and Dawnstar that haven’t made an appearance in ESO. This would mean Skyrim is getting re-released this year…only it’s set in the Second Era.


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Is it worth it? Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask review

Shopping for skin care can be a little daunting, especially these days in quarantine since most stores are only doing curbside pickup and the customers can’t get samples of products they wish to try.

I hope this review on what is probably the best selling lip mask in Sephora will help you in your next shopping trip.

This lip mask was launched exclusively in Sephora stores back in 2017 and it has remained one of the best-selling lip products in the store. I decided to try this mask out while I worked there during the holiday season and I have to say, I’m very impressed!

This lip mask can feel a little goopy if you put it on too thick. It almost feels a little bit like a lip gloss, but not as sticky. You don’t need to put on too much (unless you want to!), and it lasts a long time. Now it does say it’s good for twelve months, but I decided to keep using it since I barely got to the halfway point and to see if it does change consistency after it’s supposed to be tossed. So far, it’s still the same and it’s been about two months since the twelve month mark was up.

When I wake up, most of the mask is still on and my lips feel very soft and well-hydrated. I just clean up any leftover mask and put on my lip balm and go about my day. Usually if I wear lip balm to bed, my lips get dry and sometimes it’ll peel and get flaky. With this mask, I don’t have that problem. Also, you can use this mask to treat your lips before putting on lip make-up. Just put a thin layer on while you do the rest of your make-up then wipe it off and put on your lipstick, lip gloss, etc. and your lips will be well-hydrated! I’ve also worn this just as a glossy balm and it works just as good as any other lip balm if not better. Another use is putting it on top of matte lipstick, liquid or traditional, and give it a glossy shine without the stickiness that most lip glosses give. It does have a nice smell to it which I’m guessing is from all the berries (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries) that’s blended into it and it’s not overwhelmingly fragrant. I personally haven’t tried the Apple Lime, Vanilla, or Sweet Candy so I can’t say if they smell like their names.

So is it worth the twenty dollars for this small, cute, 20 gram jar of lip mask?

My personal answer is yes! This jar has lasted me well over a year so it definitely will last a long time unless you just pile the mask on super thick. It definitely helps keeping lips hydrated throughout the day and I did do one touch up after my lunch break at work, mostly because I tend to wipe off my lip products while eating. Other than that, my lips didn’t peel or anything like they usually do, even with lip balm, and after wiping it off, my lips remained soft, supple, and smooth. I say it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something to help with dry and chap lips or to prevent them. If you can get a sample of it, try it out. I know this mask does come in some kits that Laneige has for sale and even that little jar will last a while!

Have you tried Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask? If so, what are your thoughts on it? If you haven’t tried it yet, did this review help? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


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I tried two different Renpure shampoo and conditioners and I have some thoughts

It’s been a while since my last blog. I haven’t been slacking off, but I tried out two different shampoo and conditioners from Renpure while being in quarantine.

A little history about my hair.

It’s long, straight, and usually before the 24 hour mark, my scalp usually gets oily and it’ll give Severus Snape’s hair a run for its money. Now these days, because of the quarantine, my scalp will get oily before the 48 hour mark, depending on how busy I am. I usually shower at night because I used to work the closing shift at my job. I needed to shower because I was usually running around a lot at my job and it caused my head to sweat and my scalp to become oily which means it gets unbearably itchy if I don’t wash it. Also, I don’t use a hair dryer, flat iron, or anything except a brush.

Onto the first duo I used!

First pair that I used was the Detoxifying Charcoal Clarify + Deep Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner

I started using this before quarantine. This shampoo and conditioner smell AMAZING! It has a sweet floral-like scent that smells very refreshing. Using this shampoo and conditioner was like using any normal shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t feel any tingling using the products, which is always a big plus! However, after I got out of the shower, I felt some kind of…tingling(don’t know how else to describe it) on my scalp. It wasn’t bad, but I thought it was little odd that it happened after my shower, but I decided to see if anything happens. Thankfully, nothing bad happened, but something odd did occur.

After about thirty minutes, I started getting the chills. This was the only thing I changed in my routine, so it couldn’t have been anything else. The chills started at my head then gradually moved down. It was enough to the point that I needed a hoodie and fuzzy socks (that I usually wear when it’s really cold) to warm myself up, I started feeling a little dizzy and queasy, and I had to go to sleep early. I even needed to layer another blanket on me (one that I usually use during the winter time) to keep me from freezing. I used it for another two days and it was the same thing. Now, normally I would’ve stopped using this, but I decided to keep going, mostly because I bought these products when it was buy one get one half off so I was going to get my money’s worth!

On day four, I decided to try something a little different. I didn’t have work that day so I decided I was going to shower a little early, around seven, and I didn’t surprisingly didn’t have any chills. I’m assuming because it was early in the evening and I was moving around a little bit and not my usual sitting around after I shower. I didn’t need my hoodie, fuzzy socks, or another blanket. Eventually, maybe my head got use to it? Because after a few more days of using it, my head stopped getting chills when I showered at night.

Aside from the chills, this duo was kept my hair soft and made it smell really good. The only other problem I had with these two was dandruff. It doesn’t claim to help with dandruff control so I wasn’t expecting too much, but low-key, I was since it does say it helps remove impurities. I tried washing my hair every other day and only two times in a week, but alas, my scalp would get itchy and even more flaky.

Overall, this duo was good, but not something I would buy again since my scalp was still flaky throughout it’s use and those chills though! My hair didn’t feel any different, it was it’s normal self throughout using this duo so that’s a plus. Hopefully if anyone uses these two, they don’t experience the chills like I did.

Onto the next Renpure items!

After finishing the Detoxifying Charcoal duo, I decided to move onto the Renpure Tea Tree Lemon Sage trio!

Yes, trio!

After the Detoxifying Charcoal duo, I was fully prepared for more chills when I decided to move onto the Tea Tree Lemon Sage shampoo and conditioner. I bought all three of them when it was a buy two get one item free and decided I would also try the serum as well after trying to the shampoo and conditioner first.

This trio is strong in lemon and tea tree smell (I know, pretty obvious), which makes my hair smell awesome. Like the charcoal duo, it felt like any other shampoo and conditioner and my hair felt like it normally does after using it. Thankfully, no chills this with this trio.

After using the shampoo and conditioner for a week, I decided to use the serum because my scalp was/still is flaky, hoping that it would help with the dandruff. However, none of these claim to help with it, but I was hoping it would since I read some reviews that said it did help with their dandruff. Alas, that wasn’t the case for me.

As for the serum, I used it like instructed, though it doesn’t say how long to leave it on nor does it say how often to use it a week. On the first week I used it daily and left it on for five minutes, my scalp did tingle a little bit while I left it on, but thankfully I didn’t have a bad reaction. The next week I used it daily and left it on for ten minutes, but still no changes. After that, I used it twice a week and left it on for ten minutes until I finished it. It felt nice, but I honestly didn’t feel like my hair was any different from before.

All in all, these products felt good, but I didn’t see a difference in my hair and my scalp got dandruff, which almost made me buy my usual Head and Shoulders. However, if you’re looking to go the natural route, I think this brand is worth trying out. I do plan on trying out their Apple Cider Vinegar Clarify + Shine shampoo and conditioner next. I’d originally wanted to try that one instead of the Tea Tree Lemon Sage trio, but they were sold out at the time I went to buy it. The apple one claims to help rebalance the scalp and remove flakes so we’ll see how that works out. Stay tuned!

Have you tried Renpure’s products? What are you thoughts on it? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Edit on 5/2/20: I forgot to mention that these products sell between $7.99-8.99 each


Anime that deserves a reboot

You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it! Various lists of anime shows that deserve a reboot or a remake. I consider myself a huge fan of what is now considered “old school” anime. While some shows like Cowboy Bebop shouldn’t be touched or remade, there are some shows that deserve to be remade and I’m going to list why.

WARNING! Some spoilers ahead!

Yu Yu Hakusho

First on this list is what I consider a great anime. Yu Yu Hakusho is about Yusuke Urameshi, a middle school delinquent that has a bad reputation, who sacrifices himself to save a child from a car that almost runs over him. Doing this has…some complications to say the lease. See, Yusuke WASN’T supposed to die and he’s kind of thrown the Spirit World in for a loop. Eventually, he comes back to life and that’s when the real adventure begins.

So why does this anime deserve a reboot? I understand that everything from the manga can’t fit into the anime, especially if the creators have a limited amount of time, but a lot of things from the manga were cut that I think would’ve made the show a lot better.

First off, Yusuke’s journey to come back to life was cut short in the anime. In the manga, he has to do various tasks to come back to life whereas in the anime he only accomplishes two. I would’ve liked if they had stretched it out a bit so we could get to know Yusuke a bit more, but I can appreciate that it was kept short and sweet.

However! The one season I can NOT get over is that final season!

Season 4 of Yu Yu Hakusho was like the final season of Game of Thrones. Short. Rushed. Left you upset and possibly crying that such a great show was ruined/almost ruined by an almost horrible ending.

What made me mad about the final season was that Kuwabara was cut out. I understand that during this season, he wasn’t really needed and it wasn’t his fight. It was between Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama and their respective “kings” of the Demon World. So yeah, Kuwabara, a human, didn’t need to be there, but I would’ve liked to have seen him pop up once in a while. There were new faces that we didn’t really get to know like Enki and Kokou.

So yes, I would like to see to see this anime get remade and I would like for them to get it right this time!

Silent Mobius


Best way to start describing this anime. This anime is about an all-female police force that protect Tokyo from demons known as Lucifer Hawks.

All strong female characters in their own ways, yes, even Lum Chang even though I considered her annoying for the most part.

Now, the story itself is pretty good. It does manage to focus on all ladies even though Katsumi Liqueur is the main character. This anime was one of my favorites to watch when the TechTV channel was up. With today’s female empowerment, this show could thrive. It has strong characters, a character that everyone could love or hate (I’m a Kiddy fan and not a Lum fan), and maybe even be able to relate to some of them.


Okay, hear me out. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but the Dwarves are good-looking men and cute kids, and Snow White has some Cinderella-esque problems.

This anime is good…but it almost doesn’t follow manga. The manga is only four volumes long and admittedly, the anime was little better. HOWEVER! The villain, Fenrir, the Princess of Darkness, was changed completely. In the manga, the stepmother is more villainous and becomes the host for Fenrir making it a lot more Cinderella vs. The Evil Stepmother. Whereas in the anime, it’s another woman who’s the maid and doesn’t even appear in the manga. Hell, one of the Knights (who also happens to be youngest at five years old) dies in the manga (don’t worry, he is revived later on), but that doesn’t make it into the anime.

My thoughts for this to be a reboot? Let’s keep the anime elements and add on the manga elements! I want to see Fenrir possess the stepmother and still see her as the maid hiding in plain sight. Let’s keeps Sasame as a sensitive guy as he was in the anime, but let’s add some of his flirtatious edge from the manga.

Fushigi Yuugi

This choice might be a bit out there. However, I personally love a reverse harem as much as the next fan. This anime (to me at least) was not half bad! What book fan doesn’t imagine how it be to live inside the world of the fiction story they’re reading? Well, that’s exactly what happens!

Our heroine in this anime, Miaka Yuki, is sucked into a book along with her friend, Yui Hongo, and are thrust into a world similar to Ancient China. Early on, the girls are separated and the story revolves around Miaka and her Celestial Warriors journey to summon their god, Suzaku, and basically finish reading the story of the book.

This anime has plenty of characters for you to love and hate. Yes, there will be times where you will facepalm at Miaka’s antics and stupidity, but she’s honestly not a bad character. I know she tends to get a bit of hate because of her gluttony appearing at horrible times and overall airheadness. But no worries! There are plenty of other characters that will make up for it! Plus, the manga for this anime has prequel series that I would love to see come to life on screen and a few characters from these prequels made appearances in Fushigi Yuugi. It would be nice to see their stories before the series.

Descendants of Darkness AKA Yami No Matsuei

What could be considered the gateway to yaoi. This has thirteen volumes of manga and the anime only has thirteen episodes…let me repeat! THIRTEEN. EPISODES.

If you’re thinking the anime adapted all thirteen volumes: you are wrong.

The anime did a great job bringing the characters and most of the story to life, but there was so much left out. Like I said earlier, I understand that everything from the manga can’t make it into the anime, but like Yu Yu Hakusho, there were some side characters that we see, but never get to know. Like Hajime! In the manga, he’s Tsuzuki’s rival and we get to know about him and his life before he died. However in the anime, we don’t even get to see him except in the opening and in the first and last episodes, nor is he properly introduced. Then there’s Oriya, an old and the only friend of the antagonist of the series, Muraki. Though he’s more of a neutral figure overall, he’s helped Muraki cover up his murders, but we don’t really get to know him.

So yes! I would like this anime to get a reboot and get it done right!

Record of Lodoss War

Move over Sword Art Online! The OG of fantasy anime that looks like something out of video game is coming for your crown!

Not really, but hear me out!

This anime is AMAZING! It’s basically a MMORPG without the computer. Really a fantasy anime. Think Dungeons & Dragons making a baby with the Elder Scrolls series and that baby made a baby with anime, and you have Record of Lodoss War!

You have knights, elves, dwarves, wizards, witches, dragons, and last, but certainly not lease, BERSERKERS! A group with a mix of these classes traveling together to seeking answers connected to their pasts and their present situation, fighting for honor, and fighting evil. Classic fantasy medieval-esque anime just waiting for a reboot.

I would love for the original series to be extended instead of thirteen episodes of what felt like rushed character and story development. Give me twenty-six episodes at least! The sequel series, Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, had twenty-seven episodes. Certainly the first series can have that much, right? I know this has a manga series too, but I’ve never read it so I can say too much on that. But I remember spending my Saturday nights when I was younger watching the AZN channel’s anime block and waiting for this come on. Despite the short time it aired, it made an impression on me and wish it could’ve been longer.

That’s all the anime I think deserve a reboot. Are there more anime out there that deserve a reboot? Absolutely! But for now, these are personal favorites that I think deserve a reboot. I also do have several arguments why the original Yu-Gi-Oh! (yes, you read that right) deserves a reboot, but that’s for a different day!

What anime shows do you think deserve a reboot? Let me know in the comments!